First of all and most important. R & R Carpet & Upholstery cleaning knows the faster you can get to any stain the better chances you have of removing it. So don’t wait, jump right in. For carpeting of light beige or white, start by blotting the wine stain with a clean cloth or paper tow... more
 When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, the detergents used can be very strong. In the right hands you should have no health concerns. But many household cleaners can be dangerous as well if improperly applied, which is far too often. So here are a few “eco-friendly” ways to keep the c... more
  We all love our pets, but for people with carpeting in their homes, pet odors raise special problems. The best way to avoid pet odor problems is, of course, to not allow the stain to dry. If you know your animal has wet the carpet, dab up the moisture with a dry cloth as well as you can. Then ta... more
If you’re looking to selling your home, you’re in good hands : everyone else is too. Problem is that with all the competition, you need to do everything that will give your house the edge over others. When people come into your house, the first things they see are the walls and all the carpet... more
In the event that caramel finds its way to your carpet, you will be faced by the problem of getting out a sticky stain. There is a home-based solution that you can try to remove the stain all by yourself. For this remedy, you will need white vinegar, liquid detergent and water. The objects to aid y... more
Carpeting is not just for looks, it’s important for your health as well. But you need to make a commitment to keep it clean. Air in an enclosed area is dirtier than outdoor air as a rule and this means that keeping that air ventilated is important. Naturally air filters will do a good bit of... more

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